“Since graduating from residency, I have been exclusively practicing emergency and hospital medicine in a very rural and underserved community. From complex medical patients to mass casual incidents, I owe my competence in managing these difficult cases to my time at Lone Star. There remains a tremendous need across the nation for the type of training Lone Star provides.”

Daniel MacDougall, M.D. , Del Norte, CO - Class of 2017

“When ranking programs, Conroe Family Medicine Residency Program was my first choice for training in full scope family medicine because I knew it would give me a strong foundation in hospital medicine, obstetrics, clinical procedures, and adult and pediatric outpatient medicine. Needless to say, this program gave me the confidence to practice medicine in all of these areas through comprehensive hands on training. The faculty and staff were extremely supportive of me throughout the process and genuinely wanted me to succeed out in practice. Furthermore, the relationships I formed throughout my training here are some of the most valuable things I took away from the residency experience!”

Jessica Glick, D.O., Woodlands, TX - Class of 2019

It is excellent training for Family Doctors.  In my current practice I round on patients in nursing home and hospital and I would not be able to if it was not for the excellent training I received at Conroe.  Great people to work with as well.

Micah Bosley, M.D., Tomball, TX - Class of 2016

It wasn’t until I had been practicing for several months that I really realized how well I was trained at Conroe. At the beginning I kept waiting for the patient that would exceed the limits of my abilities and they just never came. My medical career thus far has been extremely rewarding thanks to my time at Conroe.

Bart Klaus, M.D., Columbus, TX - Class of 2016

Conroe Family Medicine program provided a supportive atmosphere for me to develop a solid foundation in inpatient, critical care and emergency medicine. This enabled me to confidently accept a position as the medical director for a hospitalist group that also covers emergency medicine.

Andrew Tonini, D.O., Fort Worth, TX - Class of 2015

Conroe Regional Medical Center and Residency gave me the tools I needed to become an amazing, well rounded Family Physician. I felt confident in both my inpatient and outpatient medicine and well trained on obstetric & pediatric care. I had no limitations when applying for a job. I knew I was trained well and I knew I was qualified.

April Enard, D.O., Sweetwater, TX - Class of 2014

Conroe Family Medicine Residency Program was the perfect training for a career in full spectrum family medicine. I was able to tailor my rotations to help me gain confidence in any areas I felt weak. I received an excellent clinic experience. The faculty were top-notch. I had access to multiple specialists in a one-on-one scenario. Conroe made me the doctor I am today, and I am forever grateful.

Alyssa Molina, M.D., Eagle Lake, TX - Class of 2010