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Anticoagulation Clinic/Coumadin Clinic

People are prescribed anticoagulant (or “blood thinner”) medications in order to prevent the formation of blot clots in the body. While anticoagulants are very effective, regular monitoring and, potentially, prescription adjustment are required to make sure you are appropriately treated.

If you are taking blood thinners, the Anticoagulation Clinic at Lone Star Family Health Clinic can help you easily and effectively manage your treatment. During your scheduled appointment, your INR (International Normalized Ratio) is tested with the results available in just a few moments. Our licensed Pharmacist will discuss face-to-face your test results and make needed changes to your prescription.

Our Anticoagulation Clinic also offers education and advice such as:

  • How foods and other medicines affect your test results
  • Precautions to take when you are sick or if you are injured
  • Signs and symptoms to watch out for when taking anticoagulants
  • Other questions you or your family members may have

At the end of you appointment, you will receive written instructions from the Pharmacist and when you should schedule your follow-up appointment at the Anticoagulation Clinic.

The Anticoagulation Clinics will also:

  • Instruct you in the medication dosage and how to take it safely.
  • Help you understand how your diet and medicines will affect your medication‘s effectiveness.
  • Help you be aware of warning signs and other indicators while taking anticoagulants.
  • Help you to know what to do if you are ill or injured.
  • Allow you to ask questions are welcome at any time, either at appointments or by phone.
  • Allow you to include family members and caregivers during appointments so that they may also understand your condition and treatment plan.


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