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What is Access the Arts?

Access the Arts is an initiative of Lone Star Family Health Center meant to make the foyer of its Conroe Clinic a community space by featuring the work of local artists and to provide ‘access’ to art work by placing it in a local, accessible setting. Many members of the community, including Lone Star’s own faculty and staff and its patients, don’t often have the opportunity to visit museums and galleries, nor to interact with the artists who live within our own community.  Work, school, family and transportation keep us all away from the arts. It is our hope that by featuring displays of artwork in our Conroe facility, and installing some of these pieces permanently in our other clinics, we can bring art directly to our 180 plus employees and the 250 patients who visit our facilities daily.

Access the Arts will begin with displaying photography and canvas prints and grow to include a variety of mediums including sculpture and the performing arts, bringing art directly to the community.

All exhibits will be free and open to the public. Our Conroe lobby is open Monday through Friday from 8am until 9pm and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. We hope you will visit us regularly to see the rotating exhibits. 

“Health Centers are created with the community in mind, so we hope to utilize the work of local artists to make our clinic into a space people come to outside of medical visits. This is the community’s space.”  – David Moore, Director of  Business Development

Photographer Marti Corn
June 18th – July 30th

For the first exhibit in the Access the Arts series, we will be exhibiting the work of local photographer, Marti Corn, from her book The Ground on Which I Stand. This book features images and stories of our neighbors in the community of Tamina, one of the few remaining freedman’s towns in the United States.

From Marti Corn:

I am an activist, photographer, and oral historian. Inspired by those I’ve encountered who remain hopeful in the face of despair, I work with people living in states of continuous poverty and whose struggles threaten to strip them of their dignity. My images are not conceptualized; I don’t plan in advance how each portrait will be made. I simply listen to and record the stories of individuals, families, and communities, allowing each to reveal whatever they with.

Since 2007, I’ve worked with many nonprofits and non-governmental organizations to create projects that generate awareness for humanitarian crises throughout the world. Multiple bodies of photographic work have been produced thus far, leading to exhibitions throughout the United States and the publication of a hardback volume entitled The Ground on Which I Stand (Texas A&M Press) in 2016.

I also offer workshops revolved around visual storytelling, teaching both journal-writing and photography, and I give lectures about my long-term projects including Tamina, a freedmen’s town and those refugees living in Kakuma.

Visit Marti’s website, marticorn.com to learn more about her work.

Now On Display in the Lone Star Family Health Center Lobby

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